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Richard Stephen's work can be seen at The Loft
401 S. Mesa Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
Open by appointment and 1st Thursday | phone: 310 291-5316

Coming to Cannery Row Studio in September...

Wilfred Sarr and Patty Grau show card (front)Wilfred Sarr and Patty Grau show card (back)
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Wilfred Sarr & Patty Grau 
at The Loft
Art Receptions: 
San Pedro First Thursday Art Walk 
September 5 & October 3, 6-9pm
Richard Stephens - Cannery Row Studio will be open  September-October, 2019  each Saturday & Sunday, 3-7pm

Closing Reception: October 26, 6-9pm

Wilfred Sarr

Wil: Want Fred: Peace. Mama gave me a good handle!
Gratitude seems last to be learned. Life has been sooo good to me, as anyone close to me has much contributed. My new work comes from the Latitude of Gratitude. They just express my thanks to be above dirt. Optical-Pizza-Pies can welcome surprises! Delight is the Criteria! Enjoy the Moment!

[self-portrait] "Dance" "Tightrope 1" "Mandala 2" "Tightrope 2" "Pool Game" "Mandala 1" "Tightrope 3" "Jester" "Landscape"

works by Wilfred Sarr [click to zoom — use back button to return]
Show 2019 Fall Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019


Patty Grau

I depict the warriors and the wounded and all of life in between. My work is big and in-your-face. I like to shock and make you think. I wish I could keep it simple but life is complicated. You may consider my art to be dark but it comes with a little wink at the humor underneath. I use any medium necessary from wood to concrete, paint to pencils and sometimes I pick up trash off the street and throw that in too. 

"LaLa" monoprint   "BangBang" monoprint   "KrazyKat" monoprint   "Jesus Loves You" Acrylic   "Of Thee I Sing" Triptych Acrylic + Found Objects
"Golden Retriever"  Wood Sculpture   "Squid" Wood Sculpture + Found Objects   "Toucan" Found Objects   "It's Only Rock'n Roll" Found Objects   "Nuclear Family" Found Objects
"I Can Reach It" Wood Sculpture  Video

works by Patty Grau [click to zoom — use back button to return]
Show 2019 Fall Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019
Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019 Show 2019Show 2019
Show 2019 A short film about Patty Grau by Richard Stephens...

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Destination Art

Richard Stephens
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Richard Stephens 1
Richard Stephens



Richard Stephens at The Loft | 401 S. Mesa Street | San Pedro, California 90731
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