The Cannery Row Legacy...

John Teague
    John Teague was a doodler. Using his free time and creativity, John started making art out of things around him. From a chunk of wood and some wire he made a metal bonisi tree. Old wood sash windows and some paint became waves and other landscapes.

   Working contrary to traditional methods, John paints on the back side of old windExhibition imageows. Because he starts with the foreground and ends with the background, John calls it reverse painting. He blackens behind the window so the image you see is on the back side of the glass.

    John was born in 1945 in Tennessee, and at the age of six his family moved to Redondo Beach. In 1st grade he was one of a select group of students to have a painting at the LA County Fair. He continued to doodle and paint until 1998 when he turned professional. Fourteen years later he is starting to be recognized for his work in window painting, wood and wire sculpture and free form painting.

    I have watched the progression of his style over the past 20 years. As one of the newer members of Cannery Row Studios, John has previously exhibited as part of a group show, but this year I could see that he was ready for a solo show. I'm sure you'll agree.


What is Cannery Row Studios?

from 2012...   It is a place where artists help artists with common goals, creating a gallery for showing their wares. A place to meet and commune with one another. A friendly atmosphere for all types of social levels to meet. 

   The most important element is creativity and the expression of that creativity through art. The number of artists working and exhibiting at Cannery Row Studios continues to grow. The sculpture garden alone exhibits the work of 10 different artists. Some are a distant memory when their works disappear in the night and others have several works and want to bring more.

     Our name came from the life style of the characters in Steinbeck novels and the condition of the places he described were the conditions we lived in through the early years. I thought at that time Redondo Beach needed an old name to remember the history it was discarding to make way for the new Redondo.  

   Condos have replaced the working harbor that was Redondo Beach, a harbor like San Pedro with several factories near the coast. The building that houses the gallery was once a mill and then a lumber yard.

      I started by renting a section of the building as the processs to create an artist studio had already begun. The final piece came in a few months later, and the Cannery Row Studios concept was born.

     Several years later when some of the original members had moved on and others had died I made a pledge that I would keep this gallery studio open as long as I could. Part of my plan has been to bring back artists on a yearly basis to keep them involved in the group.

   As of 2012 this course of action has never faltered. At times it took sheer will to make it happen. I call it "The Cause" - making art a common place event in the South Bay.
   I have seen many artists on this crusade I've seen some of them eventually giving up and moving on. After 20 years of providing a place to gather with the artists, things art starting to improve. The opening of a gallery next to mine means that maybe I'm not that crazy.
   I don't think I'll be working on "The Cause" that much longer. I have come full circle and now I feel that being a full time artist is more important than being a full time gallery owner. I have to make a choice, as I can't effectively do both.

~ Richard Stephens


Richard Stephens

Artist BiographyRichard Stephens at work

Richard was born in Stockton, CA, and is a fifth generation Californian. After college Richard spent the next 10 years in the art department at El Camino College. Richard was fortunate to study privately with Sergia Bongart, Sonni Apinchapong, and Joe Mandez. These three teachers established in him the lesson that, with a solid foundation and the use of correct colors, you can become a great artist. With devotion and hard and constant work everyday, you have potential. Using their teaching and his imagination he has shaped himself into a top notch artist. Richard presently runs his own gallery, Cannery Row Studios, where he features local artists along with his own work. Richard is currently building The Zasks Gallery in Palos Verdes and is widely considered one of the movers and shakers of the south bay art scene.

Richard also works with children at local schools providing  hands-on teaching on the painting of murals. He has completed 20 local murals for schools in the South Bay. Student and school mural projects can be Richard Stephens published workseen at Mira Costa High School, Park Western Elementary, Rain Forest School, 7th street School, and Bandini School.

Richard believes the future of art lies with the children of the world and dedicates a substantial amount of time to the goal of improving that future by volunteering his work and talent in a wide range of activities.


Cannery Row Studios — 15 years of having 6 plus shows a year promoting local artists

Logistics for Redondo Beach Art Group — Power Of Art 2009 & 2010

Directed the Art Pavilion at the Taste for San Pedro 2008, 2009, and 2010

Gallery Director for San Pedro Art Association from  2002 to 2010

One man show at Cannery Row Studios from 2005 to 2010

One man gallery-on-wheels  for the Anza Artist Groups, 2009 and 2010

Professional artist for 30 years



Richard Stephens at The Loft | 401 S. Mesa Street | San Pedro, California 90731
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